Hello,  glad you are here!   Carrie Lyn of Carrie Lyn Infusion, -"lead violyn" and female vocal internationally recognized Recording Artist Group is excited to be releasing new music for over a decade  from studio to stage with outstanding lineup of "Infusers",  professional musicians in super-sonic blends of popular genres in cross over charting for all music fans!

In my love of song writing word play, funky rhythms, and pairing stylistic flavors  . . .  I am "that violynist"  rockin'  in the music world,  with every "warm my soul" vivacious encounter in unleashed joy of bringing  people together with our music reaching in a captivating fusion of INFUSION!  

With an electric soul and a "violyn",  Carrie Lyn,  guests alongside Legendary Music Artists and artist collaborations,  embracing excellence in live professional performance entertainment and in concert as Carrie Lyn Infusion -Warm My Soul Tour- takes the stage with a full stage band presentation mixing Infusions'  releases with "Billboard Favorites " celebrating being apart of the collective history of recording artists in musical journey of lovin' inspiration.   Grammy invited, recorded and radio programmed, registered BMI Artist, the real reward is you, dancin', and singing' and movin' to the groovin' - as we are - "just keepin' the VIBE LIVE" . . . Blessings !!       



Carrie Lyn Infusion returns to the 2018 DuPage Country Fair !

Fully infused INFUSION

THURSDAY  JULY 26th  7-9pm 


Music Musings

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Radio, Streams, & Playlists - Oh My!  Podcast

I am so very pleased to announce still - yes, Carrie Lyn Infusion is on radio!  When music is made with personal purpose it is no surprise that radio programmers that also share purposefully would be the host personality!   Much love to Jolly Roger, radio personality, author, and so much more . . . of the Jolly Roger Radio Shows as Chorus of Life from our first album STAGES was aired in the UK from live and world wide at www.lionheartradio.com May 11, 2018 on THE WRITE TRACK !  Do explore his endless musical journals and lively blending of beats - a rare gem of talent and the music scene is to be so lucky for all he shares - and in the spirit of the track for a limited time enjoy the free digital download - Blessings!!

  1. Chorus Of Life
Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger

Lionheart Radio

Lionheart Radio

Instrumentalist, Instructor, Singer-Songwriter - BMI,  DePaul University, BM Music Performance, Music Entertainment Business Member, American Music Association, Women in the Blues and The Blues Foundation, “that Violynist” is programmed world wide for Radio & Streaming, TV guesting, concert venue showcases, programming playlists, winning hearts of renown world class musicians and music lovers every time she plays. 

Carrie  Lyn   630-803-4855 carrielyn@carrielynviolyn.com

ARTIST  MANAGEMENT:  Ron Cothrine   630-284-4373  ronclassicworld@yahoo.com

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